Cabluri fibra optica pentru exterior

Outdoor Optical Cables

TKF outdoor cables cover most application areas. Many types of loose tube cables (LTC) with ducted installation based designs are available for longhaul solutions. The multi-layer LTC offers up to 912 fibres, providing pointto-point fibre connections for dense fibre applications (FTTx). The CTC offers an attractive low fibre count solution in LAN as "campus cable" between buildings. The high level of protection, flexibility and relative low weight of TKF outdoor cables enable efficient installation.

Non-metallic Central Tube Cables: CTC 0.7kN
Non-metallic, rodent protected Central Tube Cables: CTC 1.2kN, CTC 2.5kN
Rodent resistant Central Tube Cables: CTC CS 1.2kN, CTC CS 2.5kN
Non-metallic stranded Loose Tube Cables: LTC
Non-metallic, rodent protected stranded Loose Tube Cables: LTC RP
Rodent resistant stranded Loose Tube Cables: LTC CS